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Microsoft Publisher Training in Omagh, Belfast and Throughout Northern Ireland

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Microsoft Publisher Training in Omagh, Belfast and Throughout Northern Ireland

Mullan Training is delivering Microsoft Publisher 2007, 2010 & 2013 training in our Belfast City Centre training suites, in Omagh and anywhere in Northern Ireland and beyond.

Microsoft Publisher courses in Omagh, Derry, Tyrone NI






Publisher is a cost-effective means of producing newsletters, flyers and other publications. With our training courses delegates will be able to create, edit and publish more professional publications and help reduce costs of outsourcing marketing processes.

Contact us on 028 9032 2228 or to enquire about this or any of our courses.

The course content includes:

Creating a New Publication

  • The Publisher Desktop
  • Navigating Around Your Publication
  • The Save Reminder

 Working with a Publication

  • Adding Content to Your Publication
  • Inserting & Deleting Pages
  • Selecting Objects
  • Moving & Sizing Objects
  • Deleting Objects
  • Modifying the Page Setup
  • Working with the Publication Background

 Working with Text Frames

  • Inserting & Manipulating Text Frames
  • Editing Articles in Word
  • Fonts & Other Text Effects
  • Alignment
  • Bullet Points & Numbering
  • Moving, Copying & Deleting Text
  • Connecting & Disconnecting Frames
  • Importing Text
  • Spell Checker/ Search and Replace

 Adding Graphics

  • Inserting a Picture Frame & the Clip Art Gallery
  • Inserting a Picture from a File & Moving and Sizing Pictures
  • Cropping a Picture


  • Modifying the Printer Setup & Printing

 Advanced Graphic Techniques

  • Inserting Pictures Not in the Gallery
  • Scaling Pictures
  • Re-colouring Pictures
  • Rotating Pictures
  • Adding Borders & Shadows
  • Inserting Pictures from the Internet
  • Customising the Clip Art Gallery

Advanced Text Techniques

  • Fancy First Letters
  • Format Painting
  • Styles
  • Changing the Defaults for Text Frames
  • Controlling The Defaults for Text Frames
  • Working with Special Characters and Controlling Line & Character Spacing
  • Adding Patterned Backgrounds

Special Effects

  • Borders & Border Art
  • Inserting, Moving, Re-sizing, Patterns & Gradients

Advanced Layout Techniques

  • Working With the Ruler
  • Working with Ruler & Layout Guides
  • Aligning Objects
  • Layering Objects
  • Nudging & Grouping Objects

The Design Checker

 Word Art

  • Creating Word Art & Changing Text Formatting
  • Shaping Options, Character Spacing & Special Effects
  • Editing a Word Art Object


  • Adding a Table
  • Selecting & Modifying Cells
  • Formatting Table Data

The Design Gallery

  • Inserting a Design Gallery Object
  • Replacing Selected Objects
  • Applying Attributes from a Design Gallery Object
  • Customising the Design Gallery



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